Laboratory Profile

Christos Y. Pampakerides Clinical Laboratory was founded in 1997 in Limassol by Mr Christos Y. Pampakerides, who is the director. It is a licensed laboratory (see Legislation), which offers a wide range of diagnostic tests in the fields of Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics (see Areas of Practice) for treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, etiology, screening, and prevention.

The Laboratory is enrolled in the General Health System (GESY), performing tests following a contracted personal doctor's or an outpatient specialist's lab order. It also performs tests that are covered by medical insurance companies. 

The Central Laboratory is located on 13 Pafos street, Alexandrian Tower, Office 12. The Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, which performs a wide range of molecular diagnostic tests, is also located on 13 Pafos street, Alexandrian Tower, Office 21. Sampling Centre 1 is located on 27 Miltonos street and Sampling Centre 2 is located on 294A Fragklinou Rousvelt street, in Zakaki. We also offer in-home blood collection services.