Tests associated with determining an individual’s DNA characteristics, called a DNA profile, and related to disease diagnosis and prevention, along with lifestyle (e.g. weight loss, athletic performance).


FABER, the screening test for IgE-mediated allergies: a precise, comprehensive, unique, and powerful tool. Is an in vitro test for the measurement of specific IgE from human serum or plasma.


Tests associated with diseases and conditions that affect the blood, varying from routine blood tests like cell counts and cell morphology to more specialized ones.


Tests associated with the chemical substances present in blood, urine and other body fluids.


Tests associated with the diagnosis of infectious diseases deriving from microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, by the use of cultures.

Immunology / Virology

Tests associated with diseases caused by disorders of the immune system, bacteria and viruses, and antibodies against them.

Clinical Endocrinology

Tests associated with hormones for the diagnosis of endocrine disorders. Tests for diabetes and thyroid function are among the most common ones.

Molecular Biology

Tests associated with markers at the molecular and genetic levels, in order to diagnose and treat related diseases.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Tests associated with diseases (HIV, Hepatitis B, C, HPV, Syphilis etc.) transmitted by blood and body fluids through sexual activity.

Tumor Markers

Tests associated with markers detected in blood which are related to different types of cancer.

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